Imagine leaving an event feeling energized and inspired, having witnessed a message delivered with unparalleled passion, power, and vigor.

From transformative presenters to groundbreaking thought leaders, we’ll connect you with the most brilliant storytellers in the world so you can leave your attendees feeling and talking about the experience for years to come.

Team Authenica is experienced, credible, capable, communicative, earnest, and committed. Your confidence will be inspired by our incredible speakers and performers who stand ready to engage with you and learn more about how they can support your success.

Meet our Talent

Alan Stein, Jr.

Benjamin Swatez

Brigadier General Jim “Boots” Demarest

Mark McGinnis

Craig Lucas

Dan Docherty, PhD

Deborah Phelps

Dr. Dawn Mussallem

Dr. Srini Pillay

Humble G tha Fiddla

James Taggart

Jason Henkel

Jeff Bloomfield

Katie Spotz

Little G Fresh

Sara Harvey

Swen Nater

Curated Events

Let Authenica help you orchestrate and execute an event that has lasting and meaningful impact with our keynote speakers and performers.

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