“Living my life by design, fueled by passion.”

- James Taggart, James Bond Impersonator/James Taggart Authentic

An international James Bond impersonator and 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor of nearly thirty years who has a compelling personal story. If the situation calls for it, it is like hiring two individuals wrapped by one body.

James can be a true reflection of our society. The “Instagram” side of life where one sees only the glamour, the cool, the fashion, and the proper presentation or the absolute authentic version of pain, struggle, adversity, overcoming obstacles, triumph, and the perpetual daily search for balance.

James will stay within one persona as Bond as an emcee, speaker, host, or presenter who is an expert with an ear prompter or as an attention grabber for your fundraiser. He can also weave between the two personalities while entertainingly highlighting the juxtaposition of the personalities, if your event desires more depth.

James’ experience set through Authenica represents a robust body of work. From his debut at the Masterpiece Film Premiere hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017 where his personal grit and vulnerability were on full display to the effortless visual transitioning from the 007 persona to the James Taggart identity at the Your Space Within experience in 2018 to his deft movements associated with his martial arts training at the Emerald City Excellence, Finding Neuro, and Masterpiece Live events, James’ enthusiastic willingness to take a creative risk is only surpassed by his whole body commitment to an elevated outcome.

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