About Authenica

The Journey

"If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it's within your reach. And it'll be worth every minute you spend alone at night, thinking and thinking about what it is you want to design or build."

— Steve Wozniak

In 2014, the wheels were formally put in motion….the reality was that the formation of Authenica had been decades in the making….

An early appreciation for achieving and sustaining excellence was established with my brother, Jack, and I as we grew up watching Jack Nicklaus pursue major golf championships. Meeting Nicklaus years later gave us an appreciation and admiration for his commitment to cause, desire to compete and expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to do professionally what he so enjoyed…

The foundation for Authenica was the creating and hosting of events that integrated presenters of stature, memorable experiences and venues of prominence. The question asked early on was “Would there be an interest in ‘hard to replicate’ experiences that offered no formal agendas or stated deliverables in advance?” The answer was a resounding yes!

The first event was a field trip to Under Armour’s corporate headquarters, hosted by Brad Dickerson, then Chief Financial Officer of UA. For the occasion, 25 company owners, executives and centers of influence participated. With each event thereafter, the construct of the experiences evolved as did the participant base. 

As for the events, what was initially a focus on developing unique experiences morphed into our commitment to showcasing the theme of excellence as a means of differentiation. Along the way, increasingly more and more of our presenters’ talk tracks were less about their personal glory and centered on their stories of overcoming adversity. Getting through the struggle, sharing what was learned and triggering the inspiration of others through the message communicated was what found its way to center stage….

For the participants, “what they did” shifted to more of an emphasis on “who they were and what they wanted to become”. Themes such as candor, transparency, connection, and legacy were increasingly woven into the fabric of the experiences with an enthusiastic response enjoyed. For Authenica, discoveries of impact were revealed along the way…a need for value-added resources to those committed to self-discovery and total wellbeing was confirmed. 

Today, Authenica serves as a platform for those who are committed to becoming a better version of self, whether it be in a personal, professional or corporate sense. The program offerings created for individuals and companies represent a commitment to those who quest for more. The virtual advisory team pulled together possess both the skills and spirit required for transcendent performance to be achievable. The result is clarity of purpose, meaning and the ability to proceed with conviction and confidence.

The skills that take you to the top will not be the skills that help you be successful for when you get there….Authenica can support your pursuit of being the exception, your destination beyond excellence.
Our adventure continues, your best is yet to come!