Authenica’s promise is to challenge, empower and support you on your journey to Elevate, Connect, Heal and Optimize. This promise will ECHO through everything Authenica does to serve your organization, your team, your tribe and yourself!

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Authenica delivers innovative corporate programming, experiential learning, personal & professional development, and subscriptions as enriching supplements to traditional coaching and team alignment initiatives.

Authenica was founded to support all individuals who are committed to activating their human potential and who seek to become a better version of themselves along the way. We design, co-create and deliver immersive experiences and programs that reverberate with the ECHO of Authenica’s promise to Elevate us, Connect us, help us Heal what is limiting us, and provide the tools to Optimize our pursuit of what matters most to us.

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“Authenica instigates in me (and all who are involved) the importance of heart-led working/living and the minute-by-minute choice of soulful excellence. Whether it be through attendance of an Authenica event, connecting through their online presence, or engaging with Authenica programs, the resulting deep-rooted growth and expansion of myself and my business can’t be overstated. The ceiling of what I thought was possible has been utterly blown off the hinges as a direct and immediate result of my involvement with Authenica.”

-Jason H., Founder


  • New Stagepass Interview Available

    New Stagepass Interview Available

    Johnny Sirpilla

    On-Demand Program Offering

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  • Upcoming Events & Experiences

    Upcoming Events & Experiences

    SEAL Leadership

    SEAL Leadership Team Training is the ultimate leadership development experience

    September 3-4

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  • Upcoming Events & Experiences

    Upcoming Events & Experiences

    Inspire SEAL Leadership

    Team Training Program for Women

    September 5-6

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