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a 4-week virtual learning lab
January 14, 21, 28 & February 4, 2021

Every moment - consciously or not - we’re making a choice: Will we honor the BEING of who we are?
When we align our lives with our BEING, magic happens.

Inspire logoDo you want to feel confident and at home in your skin?

Inspire logo Do you want to believe in yourself and your potential?

Inspire logo Do you want to experience vitality and fulfillment? 

Inspire logo Do you want to authentically lead others towards unity and co-elevation?

Inspire logo Do you want to love yourself and those around you more purely? 

Then Inspire in Action is for you!
This is our moment to align our life with the Being of who we are. This might be the most significant choice of our life, and while this journey begins from within, the community shortens and sweetens the path.

Inspire logo Inner Being: Remember and crystallize your Truth, strengths, and dreams.

Inspire logo Wellbeingness®: Commitment to caring for your whole self – mental, emotional & physical.

Inspire logo Ways of Being: Let go of expectations, cultural norms, judgment, and rules.

Inspire logo Being In Action: Align the Being of who you are with the DOING of what you choose in all domains of life.

Four learning labs led by master teachers in their fields; each with a heart and mind for helping you ignite your potential in the world.
Price $295

Will you join us?

This workshop is for women who are inspiring and want to be inspired!





Ignite The Fire Of Inspire FREE Community Call 

December 10th, 5 – 6 PM ET
Join us for a complimentary community call to learn and grow with your Inspire Community. Co-lead by your Inspire Coaches. 

Biomagical leadership

Sleep: A Master Class Triology

unscripted: No agenda, no deliverables, no limits

Boots Camp featuring Brigadier General James “Boots” Demarest

Shenandoah: An Excellence Retreat

Shenandoah Graphic



The Spirit of Authenica…

How do you define?
You know it in its presence
You know it in its absence…
You inspire others,
Embrace your story
You make others better
Because you can
You’re flawed
Therein lies your perfection
You’re good when it’s easy
You shine brighter when it’s tough
Vulnerability is your strength
Your candor refreshes
Are you Authenica?
I am


Blank Canvas. Brush Strokes. Your Masterpiece awaits.