Authenica’s promise is to challenge, empower
and support you on your journey to
Elevate, Connect, Heal and Optimize.

This promise will ECHO through everything Authenica does to serve your organization, your team, your tribe and yourself!


Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership, generate more impact or sharpen your influence, Authenica has a variety of alternatives to help you elevate.  From corporate programming to experiential learning, you will find a multitude of programs to help manifest the outcomes you seek. 


Connection is one of the most fundamental components of happiness.  True connection requires trust, and trust can only develop when we are open, engaged and genuine.  Authenica promotes and facilitates an environment of authentic connection in everything it does.  The result is an exceptional level of candor, engagement, and impact throughout its programming, events, and content.


Fully activating our human potential requires us to heal our mind, body and spirit.  At Authenica, we believe that success and fulfillment are directly related to our ability to acclimate to the constant change around us and within us.  We are dedicated to providing the tools for you to accept and embrace change, to release what doesn’t serve you, and to discover your path to the life you envision.


At Authenica, we don’t live to work; we work to live.  We all have the same number of hours in our day, yet it can be difficult to manage our obligations and still have time for what and whom we love.  We recognize this challenge and can help optimize your productivity, performance, focus and energy.  This optimization is achieved by streamlining the pursuit of what matters most to you, creating the alignment and balance necessary to find and fulfill your purpose.