If you’re ready to be taken on a life-changing journey within yourself — one that will challenge you to exist fully in each moment on a path to transformation — Authenica’s experiential learning events will push your boundaries of self-discovery to maximize what’s possible.

“Authenica represents excellence. It represents evolution. It represents working toward mastery. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of several Authenica experiences (to call them ‘events’ would be an injustice) … both as a presenter and as a participant…and every time I left with a heightened sense of fulfillment and a new perspective on life. Craig and his team do a remarkable job!”

-Alan Stein, Jr., Keynote Speaker & Author, Performance Coach

Each event guides you through a unique experience featuring access to internationally renowned thought leaders, paradigm-shifting presenters, awe-inspiring performers, breathtaking surroundings, lasting connections, and unexpected revelations.  Not only will you discover a deeper connection within yourself, but you also will forge lifelong bonds with fellow participants as you walk the same path together.