“Authenica events and experiences open the door to rediscover your soul’s purpose. At Authenica events you leave behind what was and what might be for the absolute splendor of what is.”

-Sara Harvey, Founder, innertelligence

“I am a strong believer in the concept of who you spend the most time with are the people that have the largest impact and influence on your life. That is why I like to surround myself with people that have a passion for life, are motivated to make change, and do it in a healthy and positive way. Authenica, and the people it attracts, are the kind of people I want in my life. I have been to a couple of events so far and have already made some great friends as well as some once-in-a-lifetime connections to help my company level up to the next chapter.”

-Dave Moore, President, Vigilant Global Trade Services

“Authenica represent excellence. It represents evolution. It represents working toward mastery. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of several Authenica experiences (to call them ‘events’ would be an injustice)…both as a presenter and as a participant…and every time I left with a heightened sense of fulfillment and a new perspective on life. Craig and his team do a remarkable job!”

-Alan Stein, Jr., Keynote Speaker & Author, Performance Coach

“Authenica instigates in me (and all who are involved) the importance of heart-led working/living and the minute-by-minute choice of soulful excellence. Whether it be through attendance of an Authenica event, engagement with their online/social media presence, or in connection with the vast Authenica network of specialists and ‘tribe members’, the resulting deep-rooted growth and expansion of self and my network can’t be overstated. The ceiling of what I thought was possible has been utterly blown off the hinges as a direct and immediate result of my involvement with Authenica. Without reservation, I’d encourage anyone in the awareness journey to get involved in Authenica and the underlying movement and evolution it represents.”

-Jason Henkel, Founder and Chief Balance Engineer, Focus to Evolve, LLC

“Authenica is excellence in action.

Authenica’s unique design elements are based on the belief that excellence as a means of differentiation will present itself in a carefully curated, “unlike any other” experience. If you are interested in creating a life of excellence, I recommend getting curious about how Authenica can help you!”

-Dan Dreiling, Founder, CBA Partners

“To me, Authenica represents fostering and facilitating a person or a team’s journey and pursuit for excellence. When you’ve gotten as much as you can from self-help books and traditional leadership development courses, Authenica is the out of the box and forward-thinking facilitator that puts you in your best growth and development position. The ROI has been 10x on EVERY offering I have participated in, and the offerings have been very different from each other in experience.”

-Nic Snowberger, McDonald’s Owner & Operator, Snowberger Enterprises LLC

“Blown away.

Food. Music. Art. Cooking. Storytelling. Martial Arts demonstration. Volunteering. Oh, and some magic too.

This is the formula for the figurative magic created by Authenica, the only platform for human potential activation of its kind, during its recent Emerald City Excellence in Seattle.”

-Pete Fierle, Former COO, Pro Football Hall of Fame, President, Fierle Communications LLC