Ben is an Executive Art Director, International Artist, and Founder and Director of multiple creative therapy projects with a focus on children facing adversity in conflict zones, refugee camps, orphanages, homeless shelters, safe homes, and disability centers worldwide.

He has painted large-scale murals in over thirty-five countries for embassies, schools, airports, community centers, and hotels. His art has been exhibited in over 80 international art shows on four continents and showcased in a number of museums that feature contemporary art.

An inspirational speaker and leader, Ben is the Co-Founder of The Goodness Tour: Music and Art for People Facing Adversity and is working on his PhD. Most recently, Ben was in Ukraine, using his gift to engage to lift morale and support those who have experienced immense pain and loss in the last several months.

In between it all, Ben made his Authenica debut at the Starbucks Roastery at Emerald City Excellence event in Seattle, Washington in 2021 where he created a masterpiece with espresso grounds used as his paint. Thereafter, Ben supported the Finding Neuro and Masterpiece Live events in December 2021 and May 2022 respectively where his performance art, improvisational skills, and immersive spirit were on full display.

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