“Life without legacy is like a sound without echoes.” ― Mecha Constantine

When was the last time you questioned your legacy?! Authenica promises to Elevate us, Connect us, help us Heal what is limiting us, and provide the tools to Optimize our pursuit of what matters most to us. The access and impact that Authenica provides will ECHO throughout our personal and professional lives with one overarching objective in mind – the activation of human potential.

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Human Potential Activation

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Creates an outlet for leaders to reflect and expand knowledge of self

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Founded in 2014 as an experiential learning organization, Authenica has grown into a multi-faceted platform to awaken our potential. Authenica programming, events and subscriptions are designed, co-created, and delivered to challenge individuals to pursue personal and professional excellence by accessing new depths of awareness, unlocking a dynamic growth mindset, building connections that support next-level achievement, and unpacking what legacy means to them.

“I am a strong believer in the concept of who you spend the most time with are the people that have the largest impact and influence on your life. That is why I like to surround myself with people that have a passion for life, are motivated to make change, and do it in a healthy and positive way. Authenica, and the people it attracts, are the kind of people I want in my life. I have already made some great friends as well as some once-in-a-lifetime connections to help my company level up to the next chapter.”

-Dave M., President

What does activating human potential mean to you? It means tapping into the full range of your abilities and talents! There are no shortcuts to excellence. If you believe in the endless pursuit of achieving your personal and professional best, Authenica will be your greatest ally. Our programming will unlock your potential and fuel the energy within you.

Authenica exists to be the voice calling you to be who you are meant to be, to learn what you need to know, and to become what you value most…

Whether you are looking to activate the potential of your organization, your team, your tribe or your self, it all starts HERE.

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