corporate services

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing world, companies must consistently look for ways to evolve, improve and elevate to keep pace. Authenica offers a variety of specialized services focused on helping organizations get better in a sustainable fashion.  All services are supported by industry leading professionals with years of experience who are committed to the wellbeing of those they serve. An executive overview of Authenica offerings is cited below.


For many organizations, establishing Advisory Boards represents an inexpensive method of accessing industry insight and experience while building upon your company’s credibility.   A secondary benefit is the ability to extend your reach to a contact base that goes beyond what the organization can achieve on its own in a shorter time. Thoughtful discussion on the front end of a process for what skills are needed and what expectations you have for those who would represent candidates worthy of consideration is an essential first step. 


Change is hard.  Failure is more the result than success because most organizations underappreciate what’s required to introduce and embrace the notion of change in a way where enterprise-wide support is secured.  The process requires a professional who will tell you “not what you necessarily want to hear, but what you need to know”. The act of change, once the decision has been made, is tough….make it easier by having a plan in place supported by an experienced practitioner. 


It’s starts with strategy….without it, your chance for sustainable success is unlikely.  An approach that does not actively and consistently engage senior leaders will produce a plan where a greater risk of not meeting goals is likely.  Very few organizations have a standardized process of engagement in place that unites key personnel and accesses the right data points in an efficient, collaborative fashion where risks are identified, objectives prioritized in a manner that inspires the confidence of all involved.  


A lot of money is spent recruiting talent into organizations.  Without an organizational commitment to effective training, the result can be performance that underwhelms and a feeling of frustration and morale issues for those serving the company.   The right professional development services approach strategically align with organizational business objectives and goals. There is a myriad of strategies that can be deployed that include standalone training workshops and seminars, customized “boot camp” events, specialized series offerings for managers/supervisors, new hires and high potentials, corporate retreats and more. 


Everyone talks about culture, yet few professionals fully understand what’s required to develop a best place to work environment for employees.  Those who embrace the notion of having a great corporate culture experience great value in the form of high employee retention rates, their seemingly effortless ability to pull quality candidates into the company and a business partner of choice.  The process starts with defining what you want to be known for as an employer, service provider, customer, and corporate citizen. 


Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape of new processes, technologies, and methodologies. As such, businesses of any size must establish a flexible, scalable strategy to build and maintain connections with current and prospective customers throughout these changes. Authenica can help–leveraging full-service marketing capabilities across branding, social media, website care, and support, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content development, event planning, consulting, creative design and more.


For companies who bring their employees, clients and/or customers together for special or planned occasions or if you are a non-profit organization wanting to distinguish your brand and value in the community, hosting an inspirational event elevates all who participate.  Doing what everyone else is already supporting from an experience standpoint is not likely to achieve the result you want. Incorporating themes of significance, company objectives, company values and notable achievements all represent potential event elements to capitalize on during the planning process.  


For Excellence to be achieved, it must be a mindful pursuit.  For Excellence to be sustained, the importance of it must be given visibility that both reinforces its importance and its value to those the organization serves.  Creating programs that inspire the best performance of those who support the company, while providing the required tools necessary for working successfully with others within the organization, are essential for excellence to be achieved. 


To successfully assist a family-controlled business, it takes the experience of someone who has already “been there, done that” within a family company setting where a healthy appreciation for the unique qualities and attributes, specific to the company in question, will be brought forth.  To get to that place of trust where observations and recommendations can be generated, quality conversations are required to understand the family, its history and longer-term objectives for the company and all involved.

HR Strategy

Most organizations require periodic review of their overarching Human Resource strategies that encompass existing policies and procedures, human capital initiatives, performance management, organizational development, evaluation of corporate training programs, methods for retaining and attracting talent and much more.  Starting with an action step that produces a 360 view of current state is both responsible and necessary for those companies going about their duties in a fashion consistent with that of a good fiduciary.

IT Strategy

In today’s business environment, you will not survive without the successful leveraging of technology to both better operate your business and accelerate your success for selling more products and services.  The one constant is change as new technologies are being developed at an extremely fast pace where programs and systems recently introduced can quickly become outdated.

LEADERSHIP Development

You know it when you see it, you know it in its absence….inspired leadership is more the exception than the rule, if for no other reason that most organizations struggle with constructing programs that develop high potential employees into becoming effective leaders.  Ignoring the issue is a certain path to losing talent to those organizations that celebrate those who successfully mentor, communicate, collaborate and proceed with the greater good and the wellbeing of the many always in mind. To be a market-leading company, Leadership Development is a need that cannot be ignored.


There is no limit to the number of great causes being supported and a corresponding number of charitable organizations established to help address the countless needs that exist.  The question is shelf space….how can an organization hope to be successful with its mission when it’s competing against so many noble charitable entities for the dollars necessary to make a difference?  Clarity of purpose and enthusiastic commitment from those who support the organization are essential to survive, then thrive.

Productivity Workshop

The Productivity workshop is a two-hour seminar style-training where the participants (any Microsoft Outlook user) will learn of immediately impactful approaches and methodologies to significantly increasing meaningful output in their work and life.  Microsoft designates Outlook formally as a personal productivity tool….it’s not just an email and calendaring tool. If you assumed that’s all it was, then you are perfectly queued up for a massive productivity gain. The curriculum is designed for those who have trouble with too much ‘incoming’ (emails, calls, meetings or otherwise) and are not feeling balanced with their daily routines.  This course is the ‘cheat code’ to having more time at your disposal while increasing your value at the office. Fasten your seatbelt and be ready for unusually quick and effective change when participating in this course. What’s covered will produce lasting results for you & your team.