Preserve, protect, and enhance employee mental wellbeing

Supporting employee wellbeing is a critical component to achieving success in today’s corporate world. Offering benefits that support the mental health of your team will increase productivity, create stronger connections, and reduce stress.

What is Reulay?

Reulay is a mental performance platform that utilizes evidence-backed digital therapeutics and nature-based video/virtual reality to enhance employee wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a culture where everyone can thrive.

Imagine walking through the woods as a narrator encourages you to breathe, look up into the sky, notice your surroundings, and simply be. Imagine doing this in the comfort of your own home or office. This is Reulay.

Not only can this proven therapeutic approach reduce stress and anxiety, it can prevent it, allowing you and your employees to focus on performance.

Reulay participants will experience:

  • Evidenced-backed guided virtual reality experiences that promote calming and reduce mind wandering

Following a study with a multi-billion dollar company, users who used Reulay 3x a week saw statistically significant decreases in worry, nervousness, and negative mindsets.

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