Engaged employees care about their work. A truly-engaged employee cares about the health, success, and greater good of the company. They understand that their focused efforts on desired outcomes lead to meaningful impact.

A significant amount of time, money, and energy has been spent recruiting the right talent into your organization. Are you doing all that you can to protect that investment?

Through vetted partnerships with like-minded organizations that are exceptional at what they do, Authenica serves as your gateway to expertise, value-added resources, innovative programs, and quality support. Achieving and sustaining next-level engagement and performance is your end result. That’s Human Potential being activated!


Leverage neuroscience as rocket fuel to grow your revenue

Focus to Evolve

Make the most of your minutes


Engage and energize your team through strategy


Preserve, protect, and enhance employee mental wellbeing

SEAL Leadership

Build mental and physical toughness while creating unbreakable bonds

Joint Force Elite

Together, we can lead...


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Inspire Online

Strengths-Based Leadership for Women