Build mental and physical toughness while creating unbreakable bonds

SEAL Leadership Team Training events feature Commander Mark McGinnis and CW05 Rick Joslin, United States Navy SEALs supporting a 28-hour continuous experience that incorporates the mental, physical, and psychological elements from SEAL Basic Training.

Hosted at the SPIRE Institute, a United States Olympic Training Center located in Geneva, OH, the immersive experience features no agenda being provided to ensure SEAL Leadership participants are locked into simply being their best in each moment through the experience. The overarching objective: trusting yourself and those around you to perform when you need to be your best with the greater good in mind.

To prepare you for the occasion, each attendee is introduced to Jessica Vaiana upon registering. Jess is the SEAL Program Virtual Trainer and Commander McGinnis’ Personal Trainer. Based in Austin, TX, Jess will engage with you to create a customized training program that considers your current training regimen, injury history, and any other important considerations. Getting into enhanced physical shape is the gift that keeps on giving long after your SEAL Leadership experience concludes.

For executives, ascending leaders, high-performing teams and managers wanting a firsthand experience that connects you directly with the most elite of the military, there is no better program than SEAL Leadership!

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