Leverage neuroscience as rocket fuel to grow your revenue

Braintrust is an organization committed to helping businesses leverage neuroscience to catapult growth. Braintrust offers products, programs, and content developed by some of the world’s leading sales instructors, coaches, and more.

With Braintrust, you can:

  • Apply the most recent advances in decision-making science to your sales process.
  • Benefit from science-backed coaching programs.
  • Understand your ideal buyer, their motivations, and their buying triggers through a very unique and empathic process that ends in creative customer-centric storyboards.
  • Reconstruct your messaging and sales narratives to reflect the optimal triggers to the “buying brain” using the NeuroMessaging™ process.
  • Train and certify your sales teams via the NeuroSelling® communication methodology.
  • Coach and measure results via the NeuroCoaching™ process.
  • Train your team the right way with the right content with Braintrust Academy, a one-stop management portal.


“Growth isn’t rocket science…It’s neuroscience™.”


Whether you are an executive, small business, or Fortune 500 company, there’s a Braintrust program offering designed specifically to expedite your success!

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