“I've been breaking the 'trance of busyness' while instigating calm, deliberate, and authentic productivity for individuals and teams on a global scale since 2015.”

- Jason Henkel, Founder & Chief Balance Engineer, Focus to Evolve

Jason is proud to be at the cutting edge of brain science, body chemistry, and technology & tool utilization to help his customers better align brain chemistry and general human design with their work and life load management.

Jason’s training repertoire of advanced meta-skills and practices induce an immediate and dramatic result in accomplishing far more in less time. His mission is to see all who work with him accomplish the unique and consistent state of “balanced thriving” in work and life. He’s passionate about ending the unhealthy reign of the email monster that has scorched the earth for long enough. Ultra success with well being for you and your team is just around the corner when engaged with the modalities offered by Jason and the team at Focus to Evolve.

Double your meaningful output in less time worked. Through learning the most advanced, cutting edge effectiveness modalities from the Focus to Evolve team of trainers, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • How to enter flow state in deliberate and controlled bursts
  • Increase your cognitive speed and accuracy by five (5) times or more
  • Activate the ultimate meta-skill of distraction management, gaining back a minimum of one day a week every week
  • Integrate natural biorhythms into your working day with rest cycles, enabling energetic bursts throughout the day
  • Exercise the craft of a mature ‘No’ and professional border protection to trade up the ‘good’ for the ‘best’ in your life
  • Optimize Outlook or Gmail settings and functionalities to be an outsourced part of your brain
  • Get your email to zero without leaving anyone hanging

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