Hilary Phelps is an advocate, speaker, and facilitator who has transformed personal trials into a platform of empowerment and inspiration. Formerly the nation’s fastest swimmer in her age group, her life took a dramatic turn at age 14 when she faced a 15-year battle with addiction. Her journey toward recovery began at 29 when she committed to rehab, a decision that profoundly changed her life.

Since celebrating her 15th year of continuous sobriety in 2022, Hilary has chosen to publicly share her story to inspire and support others dealing with similar challenges. She resides in Arlington, Virginia with her son, Alexander, and dedicates her career to helping others heal and find their voice. Hilary is also the founder of The Right Room, a platform committed to empowering women to navigate significant life transitions like divorce, sobriety, and career changes, encouraging them to live authentically and pursue their passions.

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