“Building high-quality relationships is about guiding people from where they are to where they desire to be. My purpose is to help the world build coaches that put the developmental journey of others in front of themselves with more purpose, power, and impact. When we do this, individual and organizational performance flourish.”

- Dan Docherty, PhD, President, Braintrust

Dan Docherty, PhD, President of Braintrust, has found a true passion for creating world-class communicators that make a positive difference. His 25 years of experience in leading various sales, marketing, MSL, and operational pharmaceutical teams, led him to a PhD degree in Management at Case Western Reserve University where his research was focused on the neuroscience of coaching, engagement, and performance in the leader-team member relationship. All of this led to a commitment to the science behind brilliant and effective leadership, and ultimately, the co-creation of NeuroCoaching™.

Dr. Dan has coached thousands of leaders in management positions around the world, all while continuing to pour into the lives and futures of students in his own backyard at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Dan teaches courses in management, leadership coaching, and entrepreneurship within undergraduate, MBA, and executive education at the Farmer School of Business. From the world-renowned mentors of his doctorate program to the wisdom shared by his small-town high school music teacher, Dan knows firsthand just how formative good leadership can be to the individual, thus leading to stronger organizations, communities, and families.

NeuroCoaching™, the book, is planned to be released in late 2022 – early 2023.

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