“The skills that take you to the top will not be the skills that help you be successful once you get there.”

- Craig Lucas, Founder, Authenica

Craig is the Founder of Authenica. His commitment to helping others pursue excellence through the blend of curated events and programs was shaped by his participation in the Walt Disney World College Program in 1986 and his spectrum of life experiences thereafter.

Craig’s Being Exceptional, Your Destination Beyond Excellence presentation has little to do with the work employees perform in a professional sense, yet will have everything to do with their having success in leading & inspiring those they serve.  Through the immersive experience supported that has Craig amongst the attendees for most of the session, the following will be covered:

  • Setting the stage with important questions
  • The role embracing your story plays in securing distinction
  • Showcasing the value of candor, vulnerability, empathy and inclusion
  • The art of elevating relationships to a transcendent level
  • Achieving sustainable success working within the team dynamic
  • Defining excellence & the destination beyond…

A safe haven environment is quickly established, resulting in a more interactive, fireside chat vibe before a more formal conclusion pulls all of the excellence-related elements together.

The Being Exceptional, Your Destination Beyond Excellence talk track will produce a feeling of purpose, connection, and commitment to cause that elevates those who participate.

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