Thursday, November 16th
InterContinental Hotel
Cleveland, OH

Finding Neuro 2023

Neuromagical Leadership….the idea of creatively and intentionally engaging the brain to activate the inspired actions of others, producing results that go beyond the believable with sustained personal and professional value, impact and meaning representing the experience of those you serve and support.

Can you harness the totality of your life experiences and triggered learnings?
Can you channel what’s relevant on demand?
Can you be what this moment in time requires?

Unleashing your full capabilities
Thinking expansively, without limits
Enjoying clarity of thought and mission
Effortlessly deploying grit, grace, moxie and magic along the way

For this Finding Neuro event experience taking place on Thursday, November 16th, the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio will play host to a convergence of special guests, great stories, important perspectives and innovation around the topics of neuroscience, mental health, divergent thinking, communication effectiveness and humanity.

All with the themes of excellence and leadership as the event’s foundation…

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