Finding Neuro Logo

Finding Neuro represents Authenica event experiences that go narrower and deeper into the immense value and mystery of neuroscience. The origins of the brand date back to the Your Space Within symposium event hosted by Authenica in 2018 that featured Dr. Srini Pillay, Founder & CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, a brain-based, human capital development company.

Past event components include the immense psychological value associated with effective storytelling, performance optimization, virtual reality technology focused on mental health, wellbeing and reduction of stress, the role neuroscience has played with the development of AI, what mental illness looks like, and more.

Coming out of the pandemic, topics such as positive disintegration, the science of possibilities, communication effectiveness, and situational fluency were emphasized. Incorporating musical & performance art elements has enhanced the sensory experience, effectively serving as a bridge between content-rich segments.