Football coach Lou Holtz famously stated, In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” Authenica supports those who are ready to take that leap of faith, those who desire to be a better version of self…they don’t view the alternative as a viable option.  Our programs trigger an introspective view, go beyond the surface and get to the core of what’s important. If purpose, meaning, legacy and connection to others is important to you, our customized programs, supported by Authenica-vetted practitioners, are a gateway to personal excellence!


Perhaps you are employed, but not satisfied with your job or career.  Perhaps you are no longer employed on terms not your own or you have identified an all-together different career path and need assistance to successfully transition from one work world to another.  Having an experienced resource to assist with the evaluation process will heighten the likelihood of success. Whether it be resume construction, skill and aptitude evaluation, development of an outbound LinkedIn communication strategy or some other need, Authenica resources can lend support.


Many of us wonder whether our skills and interests are best aligned with that which we do or support from a role/responsibility perspective. One of the keys to professional success and fulfillment through your work is identifying what you enjoy doing and what you do well. Authenica offers a broad array of assessment services that typically produce insight into self that goes well beyond what one knows about who they are at their core.  Those learnings can lead to greater clarity and conviction, as to how best to proceed from a career path choice and job profile standpoint. More information available upon request.


If being your personal and professional best is of interest, a committed resource focused on your total wellbeing is essential. Most senior executives and exceptional athletes wouldn’t be where they are without a coach supporting their ongoing development to help achieve their overarching goals and objectives. You are committed to being a better version of self, and understand that you can only go so far on your own. Your happiness, sense of contribution and value to others is important. If these are topics of interest, you would be well-served to align with an Authenica-vetted coach. More information available upon request.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is the favorite saying of many successful professionals when looking back upon their work chapters.  The truth is that most people are only a few meaningful relationships away from enjoying extraordinarily successful careers. The key for many lies in their ability to “connect the dots”.  The collective network of the Authenica virtual advisory team has relationships of great value whose experience set runs the spectrum of services, industries, and access points. More information available upon request.