Our immersive experiences have the power to shake you free from your routine and ground you in the beauty and magnitude of the experience.  Each carefully selected venue serves as the ideal backdrop for profound moments of self-discovery, paving the way for you to cultivate moments of transcendence as you seek to find new levels of personal and professional excellence.

“Authenica events and experiences open the door to rediscover your soul’s purpose. At Authenica events you leave behind what was and what might be for the absolute splendor of what is.”

-Sara Harvey, Founder, innertelligence

Each Authenica event is unique, but all are woven from the same thread: they will encourage you to exist fully in each moment.  To promote an atmosphere grounded in complete open-mindedness, Authenica does not share agendas or deliverables in advance.  Your ability to accept an intentional element of mystery and trust the process is the first step toward the truly immersive, authentic experience that is promised with each and every destination event.