Have you ever wished you could double your productivity without spending more time? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and lacking efficiency in your daily work? Activity does not equate to productivity, and your time is too valuable to be wasted. This training will illuminate a path to meaningful output, lasting balance, and the enthusiastic expression of natural gifts in work and life.

“In my 30+ years in the telecom industry, I’ve attended countless seminars, trainings, development programs, but no other training has added such value in organizing my work and life and getting more out of the time that I have!”

-Rich C., Executive Director

This brain-based training will transform the way you spend your time and allow you to produce more meaningful output in the same amount of time, so you can maximize your productivity and achieve greater balance in your life.

Through learning the most advanced, cutting-edge effectiveness modalities from our training, you will benefit from the following:

  • How to prevent distraction and the cognitive switch tax with deliberate flow state bursts
  • Activate meta-skill of distraction management, gaining back a minimum of one day a week, every week
  • Increase your cognitive speed and accuracy by five (5) times or more
  • Integrate natural biorhythms into your working day, maximizing your energy, concentration and creativity throughout the day
  • Exercise the craft of a mature ‘No’ and professional border protection to avoid unproductive intrusions on your time
  • Optimize Outlook or Gmail settings and functionalities to be an outsourced part of your brain
  • Get your email to zero without leaving anyone hanging

“This training helped me deeply understand the difference between activity and productivity. Without reservation, I recommend this training if you want to take your contribution and output to an ELITE level. Jason is the productivity ninja and balance whisperer!”


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