Authenica events offer participants the rare opportunity to extricate themselves from the daily grind to experience a mosaic of hard to replicate experiences that feature presenters of note, venues of prominence, activities that engage and curriculums that inspire!  All event concepts incorporate elements of the unknown to take you beyond that which you know about yourself and/or your organization. The infusion of relevant themes, combined with a carefully choreographed event that allows for opportunities for genuine connection with others, produces discoveries unique to each participating attendee.  A lasting memory that offers a reference point of relevance is your result. We offer a variety of event experiences throughout the year, some of which are detailed below. For more information, contact us today to find out how you can experience Authenica in person.


"I am amazed at how Authenica is able to get some of the events and people booked."

Authenica was founded on the idea of hosting “hard to replicate” experiences that showcase the theme of excellence and importance of emotional intelligence as means of differentiation.  The events are choreographed on behalf of company owners, C-Level executives, centers of influence and thought leaders who are looking to both expand their horizons and networks in a manner where “it just happens”!  Featuring an element of mystery through the lack of a communicated agenda and without any deliverables stated in advance (for fear of limiting the experience), the result is a five-course feast for the senses with discoveries unique to each attendee that ignites their space within!  Invitees know intuitively that the skills that take you to the top are not the skills that help you be successful when you arrive…. through Authenica, what is required for distinction becomes better known through an inspired curriculum, active participation, genuine connection and an ability to immerse in each moment without expectation.

"Impressive and more than I expected, including every little detail carefully thought out."


Led by Commander Mark McGinnis, a decorated CEO & US Navy SEAL (retired), the SEAL Leadership program is designed to teach corporate leaders how to build sustainable, winning cultures through simple, repeatable processes that have been time-tested and combat-validated by the world’s premiere Special Operations Force. In this time-intensive 30-hour program, participants will learn how to build mental and physical toughness, push through perceived limitations, draw strength during times of challenge, create a culture that turns individuals into teams, help establish effective team communication and to develop teamwork through overcoming adversity as a unit.  

The skills that take a leader to the top are not necessarily the skills that will help them be successful in that role. Through SEAL Leadership, you will learn the intangibles associated with great leaders. The SPIRE Institute, a U.S. Olympic Training Center based in Geneva, Ohio, serves as home base for SEAL Leadership Team Training experiences.

masterpiece live

With production teams being present at several Authenica destination events, the commitment was made in late 2016 to take the “best of the best” content to create “Masterpiece”, a film that features the “in-between”, the bridge between the extremes of adversity and triumph.  Through our featured presenters, their personal stories share “what happened, what was learned and how the learning was applied in a manner that inspired others” with the underlying theme being the value associated with each of us embracing our respective truths. For Masterpiece Live, the visual of a blank canvas, application of brushstrokes and eventual Masterpiece that materializes is augmented by live musical performances that serve as a prelude to the film and during the fade to black moments where the message of the scene just viewed is given more heft and emphasis.  An emotional rollercoaster ride that entertains!

"Truly a transformational experience. Inspirational for many reasons, the event left me immediately wanting to share the lessons with others."

Your Space Within

Space is infinite and has no boundaries…. what is equally true is that the space within each of us is just as infinite where we are only limited by our views and beliefs that “are what they are, until they are not”.  The Your Space Within symposium will feature presenters willing to go “broad and deep” into their personal life experiences where they share their epiphanies in a confiding manner that is sure to take you beyond what you know about self.  With the format supporting a more interactive experience, our guest presenters are as much a classroom catalyst as they are a subject matter expert when it comes to knowing the underlying meaning of their personal experiences. Topics that go beyond the surface will be the focus where stereotypes will be consistently challenged, the goal being growth through empathy and understanding.  It’s predicted that vulnerability will be seen as a strength once again, as it has in past events, through those who have an experience set that goes beyond what most of us know…

past event venues

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past presenters

"Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in the Authenica event. I very much enjoyed every part of the program, especially my fellow panel members, every one of them truly an accomplished person. I’ve been to several of these leadership retreats. I think the way you organized Authenica and the information that was passed on to the attendees was the best I ever experienced. Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this significant event."
Dr. John Bergfeld
Cleveland Clinic