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The #1 Identified Challenge Preventing an Organization’s Success – Effective communication

The “State of Business Communication” survey of business leaders and knowledge workers reveals that 72% of leaders say their team struggled with communicating effectively over the last year. The same survey identified a $1.2 Trillion annual loss among US businesses due to poor communication, equaling an annual loss of $12,506 for every employee.

What would increased motivation, performance, and engagement mean for your success? Unless your team’s communication skills are rooted in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, even the best intentions will inevitably lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding and missed opportunities.

Engaged employees care about their work. A truly engaged employee cares about the health, success, and greater good of the company. They understand that their focused efforts on desired outcomes lead to meaningful impact. A significant amount of time, money, and energy has been spent recruiting the right talent into your organization. Are you doing all that you can to protect that investment?

Authenica provides highly impactful training to elevate communication and ensure your teams are delivering the right information…in the right way…and in the right order to drive real excellence across your organization.


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